Tiny Health introduced the first microbiome test uniquely designed for mother and child.

Tiny Health Packaging Design

What we did

User research


Brand identity system

Tone of voice

Packaging design

Website design

Science illustration


Design guidelines

Highlighting the importance of a baby's gut health

These certified tests provide clear and actionable insights to help parents get more involved with their baby’s health, from preconception to childhood.

We created a supportive and concise voice with a graphic system inspired by the organic and ever-changing shapes found in biology.

Tiny health Logotype
Tiny Health App Dashboard Mobile view
Tiny health app icon
Tiny Health Packaging 3 pack
Yung Studio - Project Video
Tiny Health site full page view
Yung Studio - Project Video
Tiny Health website on laptop
Yung Studio - Project Video
Tiny Health site science page on mobile view
Tiny Health science illustration
Tiny Health science illustration graphics
Tiny Health site About page on iPad
Tiny Health packaging opens with hand
Tiny Health packaging with items inside
Mom and baby hugging
Tiny Health packaging inside detail shot
Tiny Health iconography set
Tiny Health app screens
Tiny Health report dashboard on iPad
Tiny Health IG post samples

The process in which Yung Studio took our team through to create Tiny Health's brand was incredibly worthwhile - they leveraged user research and our core values to create our brand identity system, which ultimately resulted in an overall brand design that we're very proud of. We trust Melody and team completely with their design aesthetics and the level of professionalism they bring to the table is unparalleled. Easily the best design team I've ever worked with. We look forward to continuing to work with her as we evolve Tiny Health's brand and products.

Cheryl Sew Hoy, Founder of Tiny Health


Cheryl Sew Hoy, Founder & CEO

Ritika Khilnani, Product

Megan Garcia, Content

Nita Jain, Operation

John Ramos, Web Development

Yung Team

Brandi Steele, Design

Caleb Couturie, Copy

Devon Stern, Illustration & Animation

Eric Louis Haines, Photography

Janna Luttrell, Retouching

Krystal Barghelame, Research

Melody Yung, Design Lead

Michael Quinn, Strategy

Shea Sjoberg, Design

Tricia Lee, Design

Yu Rong, Design