We get a lot of the same questions.
Here are the answers.

What even is a brand? Why is it important for a growing business?

Great branding is a massive competitive edge for a business. Operating models and technology can be copied, but the heart and soul of a brand, and the special connection you forge with your customers, simply can’t. And that’s what a brand is: that collection of feelings, expectations, experiences, behaviors, points-of-view, and stories that drive a consumer to choose you.

How do I tell my story to consumers so it sounds different/ new/ meaningful?

We always start with crisply articulating that story. It’s partly an exercise in creation, identifying the white space in your category. And it’s partly an exercise in introspection, sussing out and expressing your ambitions and point-of-view. To highlight its importance, we don’t develop any other part of the brand system until the positioning is clear and agreed upon.

What’s a brand identity system?

Each brand identity system is different, depending on the brand strategy and challenge. But a common brand identity system is a collection of a logo, color palette and treatment, typographic styles, 2D and/or 3D visual elements, motion and imagery expression, and guidelines for how all these elements come together as a cohesive yet flexible system for different implementations.

What we deliver should express the unique personality and values of your brand. The consistency and scalability of a brand identity system will be an important foundation to build your product and marketing channels.

What's the benefit of hiring a multi-disciplinary team?

Each brand expert on our team has deep expertise in one area or a particular approach, giving you a lot of firepower. Hiring the almost-right “unicorn” generalist can be costly and time-consuming, and frankly, near-impossible.

Brand building is a cross-discipline team effort. Our creatives with their diverse backgrounds enable a holistic approach that can move faster by extending areas of responsibility and producing higher-quality work. And there’s a richness and diversity of thought on our side that has a certain alchemy to it.

We also think our work gives you a much better sense of who that first brand designer hire should be.

What businesses work best with Yung Studio?

Our best collaborations are with early-stage start-ups who are hoping to change the expectations in a category or create a new category.

In the early days of a startup, there are a lot of unknowns and a lot to tackle – a limited definition of the customers, product, experience, and even the category you are changing or creating. Most of the businesses we worked with have a healthy amount of ambiguity and complexity. We’re here to bring focus to what matters most to get you off the ground and to get to those insights and positions quickly.

How long does it take to really build a brand?

It’s a never-ending journey. Your brand evolves with your business, the market, your team, and your customers. We are here to build a strong, strategic foundation and a framework for growing your brand in as little as 8 weeks. After your brand strategy and design guidelines are established, we will continue to implement and evolve your key touchpoints, like your marketing website, social content, packaging, and in-app experience.

When is the right time to engage us?

We work with companies in all financial stages, yet most companies we partnered with are between their seed and Series B funding. We move your brand forward whether you are still building your MVP, or you are at a turning point in the business.