Fertility is one of the last taboos in healthcare. We partnered with the Modern Fertility founders to create a baby-free branding and packaging that set a new standard for personal reproductive health.

Modern Fertility Pregnancy Packaging Design

What we did


Brand identity system


Photography direction

Website design

Packaging design

App UI elements

Social media templates

Design guidelines

Demystify the Topic of Fertility

We blended precious yet approachable typography with gender-neutral color palettes to deliver important information about your body. Organic shapes and illustrations capture the singular moments and emotions that people experience around fertility.

Modern Fertility Logo
Modern Fertility brand graphic animation
Modern Fertility Website Homepage
Modern Fertility Website Homepage Full Page
Modern Fertility Postcard says " You, Me, Us" with Community icon
Modern Fertility Homepage in Mobile view
Modern Fertility ovulation test strips
Dip the test strip up the MAX line
Modern Fertility Iconography System
Modern Fertility graphical blurb movement on a large screen
Modern Fertility Ovulation Test Packaging Box
Modern Fertility Ovulation Test Individual package
Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test Packaging Box
Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test Device
Modern Fertility Street Posters
Poster says "Out of all my friends, I am the only one who isn’t having kids."
Modern Fertility social 3-up images
Modern Fertility Pillows shape in comfortable blurbs
Modern Fertility 3-up social grid
Modern Fertility design workshop with founders

Yung Studio is an incredible design partner. Over the last 3 years. we've worked together on various projects and I'm always impressed by the way Melody breaks down a problem and brings a completely fresh feel to everything she and her team design. Aside from being a design superhero, she's speedy, reliable, and flexible — which is exactly what we need as an early-stage company.

Carly Leahy, co-founder & CEO of Modern Fertility


Carly Leahy, Co-founder & CCO
Afton Vechery, Co-founder & CEO
Keaton Bedell, Business Op.
Lillie Ferris, Design

Yung Team

Andria Lo, Photography
Elaine Lin, Design
Danny Skitsko, Design
Melody Yung, Design
Shea Sjoberg, Design
Sushant Vohra, Rendering
Taylor Simpson, Design