Juniver is the first evidence-based option to curb binge-eating and bulimia — available anytime, anywhere.

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What we did

Brand identity system
Tone of voice
Website design
App UI
Social media templates
Design guidelines

Reshaping our recovery and relationships with eating disorders

Juniver knows that there are no straight lines to recovery. We wanted to emulate a brand as thoughtful, compassionate, and patient as they are. We created a gentle voice with an optimistic, supportive graphic language for Juniver to recognize progress over perfection in their users’ journeys. After all, your journey is yours. You can now shape a path that feels like you.

Juniver brand identity wordmark
Recovery that feels like you
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Juniver cards: In my own pace + Adjust my alignment
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Juniver card says "Make room for me"

Graphic Language

Our main identifier of the brand is our painterly path language. We utilize an artistic stroke system that embodies elements of time, community, milestones, and the overall journey through eating disorders.

Juniver website landing
Juniver website full page design

Typography Treatment

Our messaging treatments are inspired by the ebb and flow of people’s individual journeys. The separation of words mirrors the natural fluidity in speech.

Juniver illustration
Juniver social posts
Juniver app program screen
Juniver app screens
Juniver iconography set
Juniver card — Stronger over time
Juniver social posts
Juniver street poster

Tone of Voice

Juniver’s tone of voice has to do two things: create an invitation for hope in category that hadn’t seen change or innovation and lead with tough love, as overcoming an eating disorder is no easy feat. We landed in a place that mixed compassion with realness to deliver a credible path forward.

Juniver street posters
Juniver brand elements 6-up

Melody and the team didn't just bring our vision to life; they made it better. From messaging to brand identity and graphics, the team were imaginative and creative. We looked forward to every presentation because their output always sparked awe and delight in us. Thanks to their imagination and receptiveness to feedback, what we landed on feels like the best possible direction for Juniver. The brand that Yung Studio created is ultimately original.

Emilie Faure, Founder & CEO of Juniver


Emilie Faure, Founder & CEO
Helena Pilih, Product Lead

Yung Team

Brandi Steele, Design
Devon Stern, Design
Melody Yung, Creative Direction
Michael Quinn, Strategy
Sarah duRivage-Jacobs, Copy
Shea Sjoberg, Design