Mulu is an entirely new way to workout that’s social, and most importantly, fun. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, or even where you are. All you need is a phone, some friends, and a desire to get in the game.

Mulu street posters

What we did

User insights


Brand identity system

Mascot design

Tone of voice

App UI design

Product demo

Campus engagement

Design guidelines

Building an anti-workout workout community

We created a friendly competitive atmosphere with gamified elements and a bold mascot to cheer you on at every stride.

Mulu logotype
Mulu website landing on the laptop
Mulu logo with face graphic
Mulu app icon
Mulu promo card for campus
Mulu people using app together and workout
Yung Studio - Project Video
Mulu mascots
Mulu user kicking the elements on the screen
Mulu hitting target game on screen
Mulu dashboard in app on the phone
Mulu poster says "Game + Gains"
Mulu challenge screen
Mulu IG posts
Yung Studio - Project Video
Mulu team icons with custom letters
Mulu custom fonts enlarge
Mulu alphabets in full set
Mulu billboard says "Game On"
Mulu app screens
Yung Studio - Project Video
Mulu Sweatshirt says "Smiling + Sweating"
Mulu sock design with letter M
Mulu social post examples


Steph Mui, Founder & CEO

Ronak Vora, Engineer

Yung Team

Caleb Couturie, Copy

Cristina Shin, Product Design

Devon Stern, Design & Animation

John Michael Arcella, Demo Videos

Krystal Barghelame, Research + Strategy

Melody Yung, Brand Design Lead

Shea Sjoberg, Brand Design

Yu Rong, Brand Design