Sunrise is a health care provider on a mission to make the highest quality specialized care more accessible for everyone.

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Crafting an identity for effective, clinically-based recovery

Sunrise is on a long-term path to revolutionize the health care industry, and their first step is making clinically driven weight loss easier and more effective. We created a brand that brought their values and patient-centric approach to life. The identity represents the strength of a united community, and Sunrise's continuous pursuit of innovation.

Sunrise identity design
Sunrise app icon
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The foundation of the Sunrise brand is the emblem, created by an interlocking circle of U shapes. The repeated shape represents individuals coming together in unity, and the energy that emits from the transformative power of that collaboration.

Sunrise website landing on desktop with table
Sunrise website design — How It Works section
Sunrise icon design

Functional Icons

We developed a suite of illustrative icons originating from geometric shapes. We incorporated a sense of movement and upward motion to add a sense of actionability to the family of icons.

Sunrise website pages
Sunrise social media post samples
Sunrise symbol design

Experience Symbols

Another foundation of the Sunrise brand were the symbols developed to parallel the brand's values. Based in geometric shapes, each symbol is mirrored to values like patient-centrism, operational excellence, and impact-driven care. These symbols used in harmony work together to bring the visual metaphor of support and harmony to life.

Sunrise layout - what does GLP-1 do to the body?
Sunrise patient's quote layout sample
Sunrise LinkedIn Profile design
Sunrise social media post samples
Sunrise OHH poster in New York subway
Sunrise identity pattern wall
Sunrise layout sample with photography
Sunrise blog thumbnails with experience symbol
Sunrise brand identity system breakdown


Apoorva Mehta, Founder/ CEO

Caitlyn Durcan, Marketing

Jake Horowitz, Marketing

Jacob Gilson, Growth

Daniel Todorov, Product

Yung Team

Alli Berk, Design

Caleb Couturie, Copy

Melody Yung, Creative Direction

Whitt Mitchell, Design

Yu Rong, Design