Employer benefits are complex, restrictive and confusing. Level prioritizes clarity and simplicity — plans you can understand, open networks, and superfast claims.

Level card

What we did

Brand Identity System
Tone of voice
Packaging design
Website design
Presentation design
Internal Engagement

Making employer benefits as simple as cash

Level’s experience is flexible, transparent, and seamless, so we created a brand design that reflected just that. We designed a variety of touch points, all with members at the heart, and applied a modern and vibrant graphic language that celebrated the delight of Level card and freedom of Level benefits.

Level logotype
Level app notification
Level app icon
Level website landing
Level website design
Level card mailer design
Level website with employee benefits
Level benefits illustration
Level card packaging holder
Level card for Jeremy
Level benefits in text format
Level app dashboard
Level Iconography
Level graphic
Level infographic
Level icons
Lebel website blog
Level blog pages
Level street posters
Level billboard


Paul Aaron, Founder & CEO
Gabe Schindler, Product Design
Cristina Shin, Product Design
Sal Perez Figueroa, Product Design
Agnes Yoon, Product Design
Margo Stern, Content Design
Studio Mars, Packaging Design

Yung Team

Devon Stern, Design
Melody Yung, Design
Melike Turgut, Design
Michael Quinn, Strategy
Tricia Lee, Design