High Side Coffee is an eco-friendly, better-tasting way of making coffee for campers and travelers. No fancy equipment, no mess, and no fuss. Just add hot water, and brew like tea.

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Making high-quality brew for campers

High Side was founded by 3 friends with a passion for great-tasting coffee and the outdoors. The brand design is inspired by the laid-back atmosphere of San Diego, taking a caffeinated twist on 60’s psychedelic motifs.

High Side Coffee Identity

Name Creation

The name evokes a spike upward, inspired by slang used by riders, characteristic of the brew’s potent punch. If you decide to let it sit for long enough, you just might have to punch back. Of course, helmet optional but recommended during consumption.

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Brew bags are the best for outdoor activities!!! They are compact, lightweight and taste wonderful!!!

Cynthia L., Customer


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Hallie Chavis, Marketing + Partnerships

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