Every Woman's Marathon is exactly what it sounds like, an all-women event spearheaded by an all-female advisory board, partnerships, and wider community. The goal? Provide the most accessible and fun race for women of all levels and abilities.

Brand banners — Powered by 26.2 Team Milk; Every Woman's Marathon Identity; and, Savannah 2024 repeated

What we did

Brand Identity
Graphic System
Photography Style
Brand and Motion Guidelines
Collateral Design

Branding A race for women. By women.

Every Woman's Marathon is a race, but the goal is not to win. The race exists so that women can show up as a team, regardless of background or ability. At this marathon, every woman is welcomed and encouraged with open arms. We built the race's identity and graphic system based off that idea of unity as the core foundation. Themes of community and togetherness radiate throughout all assets.

Disclaimer: All collateral designs are for proof of concept only. The final applications are still in the works.

Every Woman's Marathon Logotype with image

Invitation to Unite

The logotype is blocky and bold, meant to represent the ambition of this event, creating a clear message for women to come together. Keeping the logo stacked and slanted mirrors a flag-like shape, championing our community as a group all to our own.

The emblem represents the uniting force between Every Woman's Marathon and Milk's sponsorship. The colorful gradient bursts outward as a symbol of the collective energy and joyful celebration that emerges when we all come together.

Every Woman's Marathon Emblem on black
Every Woman's Marathon Logotype Lockup with 26.2 brand
Yung Studio - Project Video

Represent every woman

Our broad range of colors in our gradient system represent different types of runners, such as The Moms, The Barefoot Runners, The Newbies, The Walkers, The Easy Runners, and The Celebrators. The varying color combinations and thickness within the gradient work together to further highlight the sense of community resonating between all participants.

Every Woman's Marathon website landing screen on laptop
Image with text says "We run to lead the way."
Woman runner photo
Graphic with text says "You fuel the world, we'll fuel you."

Move Together

By using shapes and paths as metaphors, our graphic language aims to inspire and uplift our audience by capturing these daunting distances as a collection of small wins worth celebrating.

Our gradient paths create a blur effect, mimicking the moving city sensory as you are running or in motion. The choreographed movements represent the different twists, turns, and pause within any given runner's journey.

Every Woman's Marathon website screen
Yung Studio - Project Video
Every Woman's Marathon Billboard
Yung Studio - Project Video
Yung Studio - Project Video
Every Woman's Marathon Finish Line
Yung Studio - Project Video

Say it with confidence

LL Supreme presents a tougher, crisper and more geometric take on the classic typeface Futura, and, it was used in the previous Milk's 26.2 sponsorship program. We draw from its strong and distinctive characters that allow us to speak with confidence and clarity.

Every Woman's Marathon Map poster on street
Every Woman's Marathon runner apparel
Every Woman's Marathon race bib
Yung Studio - Project Video
Every Women's Marathon posters
From our first meeting to our last, it was an absolute pleasure working with Melody and the Yung Studio team. The level of detail, thought, and care that went into the moodboards, to the deep typography knowledge, to the final brand guidelines – they are true masters of craft. Not only that, but they are genuinely kind, flexible, and considerate in their working relationship. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.
Janelle Lamothe, Senior Art Director at Gale


Gale Agency:

Janelle Lamothe, Senior Art Director

Damien Lecocq, Associate Design Director

André de Castro, Creative Director

Nicola Pardy, Sr Producer


Giant Artists:

Caroline Tompkins, Photographer


Devon Stern, Design

Gabrielle Adam, Design

Melody Yung, Creative Lead

Yu Rong, Design