Women in Leadership & Design (WILD) is a community of women and non-binary design professionals created by AIGA SF.

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Growing diverse strengths for change

WILD changes the landscape of design leadership by amplifying women and non-binary designers’ collective power and visibility. We created a bubbly design system for WILD to express the power of strength in numbers.

Yung Studio - Project Video
Wild laptop
Wild logo with AIGA SF logo Lock up
Wild social icon

Identity to unite us

The collective dots emulates individuals coming together to lead the future of creative in business. Dynamic “dot units” manifest the evolving and growing conversation bubbles in the WILD community.

Wild Bubbles with text says Strength in Numbers
Wild Social 3 up visuals
Wild woman with text
Bubble animation with text
Wild IG stories typography
Wild shape concept explained

System built to grow

Our shape system harnesses the idea of growing collective by creating a diverse set of shapes that are continually populating in size, complexity and dimension.

Bubbles with text says Welcome to Wild
Social posts 3 up visuals
Wild 3D shape with text
Woman photo with bubble shape
3D materials explained

Surface to stimulate openness

The use of transparent, reflective and comfort surfaces transform the inflated objects to suggest our active invitation to openness and safe space to share ideas.

Bubbles with text says Take Up Space
Book cover with text Power & Ethics in Design
A frame for Wild event

Typography by Women

The compact and dense font Good Girl creates a deliberate synergy with the brand visual characteristic. We pair this bold display font with a clear, optimistic font family Atlas Grotesk to support various functional content. Both of these fonts were created or co-created by women designers.

screen with bubbles says You Are A Design Leader
Podcast cover visual
Wild woman in Bubble
Out of Home visual billboard
system explained

When it came time to find a partner to evolve AIGA SF's Women in Leadership & Design (WILD) brand identity, it was important for us to find a woman-led branding studio in the Bay Area so that we could not only breathe our mission but also reflect the local design community in the work itself. We want WILD to feel relevant, fresh, and dynamic for designers seeking community today — and that's exactly what the Yung Studio team delivered. I also appreciate their commitment to this project since the work was executed after standard business hours. They were quick, very receptive to feedback, and were able to develop a lot of brand assets in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend them to any organization looking to reimagine their look and feel in a unique way. Also, the fact that this collaborative effort brought together an all-women team was just amazing.

Rachel Gogel, WILD Chair


Felicia Reyes, Creative
Marta Guy, Editorial
Rachel Gogel, Chair

Yung Team

Brandi Steele, Design
Helen Ip, Design
Melody Yung, Design