Yung is growing up. We revamped our brand to reflect the entrepreneurial creatives and founders that make up our nimble collective.

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What we did


Brand identity system

Tone of voice


Website design

Social content

Presentation design

Design guidelines

Rebranding our own brand

We blended upbeat gestural shapes and unexpected asymmetrical forms into our dynamic identity and graphic language to represent our diverse creative outputs, as well as the ever-changing challenges we endeavor together through entrepreneurship.

We paired the spontaneous quality with crisp base colors and a high-contrast typography system. Metaphorical, lighthearted imagery embodied the positive energy in our collaboration style. With experience in branding other companies, it was a fun challenge to uplift our own.

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Identity System

The brand identities express our collective and the diverse ideas and aesthetics we bring to the table. Each designer contributed to the everchanging letterforms, reflecting our flexible, scrappy collaboration.

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Yung Studio - Project Video

Website design

High contrast typography and color treatments enable clear navigation and straight-to-the-point interactions throughout. We introduced dark mode to focus more clearly on our case studies overall.

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Yung Studio - Project Video
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Yung Studio - Project Video
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Yung Studio - Project Video

Tone of Voice

Our tone of voice is exactly what it sounds like: ours. We wanted to be truthful, direct, and brief. We did our best to let the work speak more than any copy could. That said, just like our design approach, we still had plenty of fun striking the right balance between succinct and playful.

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It became clear that our ENDEAVOR TOGETHER spirit is embodied in our collaboration after talking to our team and clients. I am so excited to share our "imperfect" identities, high-contrast type, WFH color palettes, and our truthful and direct narrative style. If you are also an entrepreneur, hopefully, you are feeling the vibe as well.

Melody Yung, Founder of Yung Studio


Viso Haus, Creative Coding

The Inturnship, Social Content

Yung Team

Caleb Couturie, Copy

Devon Stern, Design & Animation

Helen Ip, Design

Melody Yung, Creative Direction

Michael Quinn, Strategy

Shea Sjoberg, Design

Yu Rong, Design